See more. Act faster. Monitor ratings & reviews with 20+ of the top online retailers.
Here are some of the features:

Configurable subscriptions allow you to schedule real-time notifications for new and updated reviews to be sent to an email address, Slack, or the in-app inbox. Notifications can be setup for specific retailers brands, keywords, as well as thresholds.


Global Google-like search gives you the power to search against all reviews allowing you to quickly query the reviews matching specific keywords and phrases. It makes it easier than ever to search through review context across multiple online retailers in one centralized platform.


Need to keep tabs on the changes of your product or brand ratings in the last 6 months? Last 12 months? Built-in product and brand trends allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of the overall state.

Competitive Analysis

Not only can you monitor your own products, but also monitor those of your competitors. Thinking of getting into a new product space? Track, analyze and learn some of the woes your potential customers are having with a competing brand.


Group products together by SKU, name, or even category to get a combined overview of how your product is faring against all the different retailer platforms it is sold on.


Looking to integrate product reviews into your current QA software or CRM for analysis of customer service calls vs. review reported issues? We thought you might! We have a comprehensive API available to all subscribers.

How can I receive pricing?

Every business is unique in the way they monitor, track, and analyze their products. For that reason, ReviewCamp comes with a customized monthly subscription that will best fit your company’s needs.